Convert your free time into money online with our Paid Surveys

So you’re sitting there on your laptop/pc asking yourself “How to make money online?”. The answer is much more straightforward, simple and easy than you may think it is. Just by taking part in online surveys sent through emails to members of our research panel, you will be able to make a decent income working online part-time from home or any other place of your choice.

And the best part? You will be your own boss. Work when you want to work. No time limits or deadlines! Convert your free time into money with our paid online surveys.

Paid survey job on any device, anytime, anywhere.

With DRT Solutionz, you can work at your will and your convenience. No more 9 to 5 jobs or odd working hours. Work at your own convenience at your free will and earn good money for these online surveys with us. Don’t have a desktop/ laptop? No problem! Have a mobile phone? You can fill out our online surveys on any of these implements. We have our paid online survey app as well available on Google Play as well as on the Apple App Store.

Simply download our app ( or click our website and provide the required some basic information about yourself. We will email you surveys on topics related to your interests, based on your profile information submitted at the time of initial registering and you will earn money/rewards for surveys online.

How it works after you sign up /register on our website:

Step 1: You receive an invitation email with a link to take part in one of our paid surveys.
Step 2:You click on the Link for the survey and answer the questions.
Step 3: $$$

You will always know how much money you will be paid for a survey in advance.

How do I get paid?

That is an excellent question! You can get paid for online surveys in the form of cash (PayPal), Easypaisa, Amazon, Coupons, Uber and Careem credits, Mobile Recharge and many more.

More surveys => More $$$

Are online paid survey websites and apps safe?

Absolutely! Social Scientists and Market Researchers are interested in hearing about your experience, image, perceptions and thoughts to develop their strategies further and improve / change their services and products, accordingly. We bridge the gap between you /the Customers and them /the Marketers so that they can get public vibes and you can get paid money online, in lieu.

It’s a win-win situation!

Can I fill out the online surveys on my device?

You can fill out our surveys on almost any device that connects to the internet. Be it a laptop, a pc or a mobile phone we have you covered. You will always keep a tab on how much time you have and how much money you will get paid for it.

We will protect your privacy and report the findings in aggregates (percentages or raios), and you will earn this money by taking part in exciting surveys. You just need to fill out the details and then answer the survey questions to the best of your abilities.

Get your opinion out

With DRT Solutionz, you have a chance to get your opinion out into the world. Researchers are constantly finding new ways to innovate and improve the lives of billions. They do this by collecting valuable data from anonymous participants which then tells the Marketers / Manufaturers / Service Providers how to tackle any given problem / issue and offer well-tailored products / services as per needs and desires of their clientele.

With us, you can participate in these revolutionary studies that will go on and help improve a product or service for millions of people. That is your very valuable contribution as an important member of our society.

Your privacy matters to us

After you fill out a survey, your answers will be aggregated and submitted anonymously and will be evaluated as such. We will not pass your personal information on to any third party. The information you give us initially at the time of registration, will only be used to send you surveys ONLY commensurate with your profile.

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