Have you ever noticed people paying for their food with vouchers or mobile apps at your favorite restaurants or have you ever wondered where people get these Buy One Get One Free coupons from? Don’t worry! It’s not rocket science we are here to explain it to you. You just need to sign up on DRT Solutionz and earn dollars from the comfort of your home by completing online paid surveys.

DRT Solutionz is a platform that offers its users online paid survey forms and users can earn rewards in the shape of Amazon coupons, free Uber and Careem rides, mobile recharge, or cash via PayPal. All you have to do is fill up survey forms and express your opinions and you can earn up to $3.15 from each survey. DRT solution offers worldwide services from UK, USA, CANADA, UAE, BANGLADESH TO PAKISTAN.

How To Get Discounts Vouchers And Coupons For Food Items By Online Paid Surveys

DRT Soutionz has partnered with GoGift Global which provides gift cards of various organizations that are valid throughout the world. Along with many others, GoGift provides gift cards for the following food companies.

1.     McDonald’s

McDonald’s is the largest fast-food chain in the entire world. So, if you are a crazy fast-food lover and McDonald’s is your first choice to buy a burger or you love McDonald’s Chocolate Sundaes, log in to DRT Solutions, fill online paid surveys and earn rewards to redeem at your nearest Mcdonald’s fast food outlet.

2.     Redbull

Redbull is the most popular energy drink around the world and is believed to leave positive effects on cognitive skills after drinking. So, if you are down on energy or you simply love Redbull energy drink, DRT Solutionz’s online paid surveys can help you to stock up on your favorite energy drink.

3.     Carrefour

Carrefour is a French hypermarket chain spread all over the world. By filling online paid surveys you can earn shopping vouchers of Carrefour hypermarkets through GoGifts. And you will be able to buy anything you want with these vouchers.

4.     Carlsberg

Carlsberg is a Danish brewing company. You can earn Carlsberg shopping coupons and host your friends without spending a penny on drinks. All you need to do is filling up paid survey forms and redeem rewards.

5.     Nestle

Nestle is a renowned multinational food and drinks manufacturing company. By earning free shopping coupons of Nestle you will be able to spend on your favorite snacks and drinks. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up and start piling up your snacks stash by filling online paid surveys

6.     Vouch365

If you are residing in Pakistan, you are blessed to have Vouch365. Vouch365 provides buy one get one offers on a wide range of restaurants and cafes across Pakistan. Not only this, but these offers are also valid 7-days a week. Hurry up! And sign up on DRT Solutionz to earn Vouch365 buy one get one offer and enjoy free food at your favorite restaurants and cafes.

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