How Amazon can help you in several ways

Most of us may want a little extra money in our life, selling products on Amazon and taking paid surveys online are the great ways to get some. 

The globally renowned US-based company, Amazon, is the biggest e-Commerce retailer in the world. Only in the USA, the company has over 100 million subscribers. It is one of the four technological giants along with Apple, Facebook and Google. With a vision of ‘The everything store’, the company was started as a bookseller website in early 90’s, now it has become one of the largest online marketplace globally and the best online earning platform. Amazon has a wide variety of items at the best possible prices. Common courier services are used to deliver orders worldwide. It is faster, easier and more cost effective.

Amazon has also physical stores. They have adopted the most advanced technology of e-learning, computer vision and Artificial Intelligence in stores. You can enter the store by using the Amazon Go application. Anything you like and picking up does automatically add to your virtual cart and on leaving the store, payment is charged from Amazon account.. The receipt, then sent straight to the app. No queues, no check outs. This software uses computer vision, deep learning algorithms and sensor fusion.

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Amazon can help you in three main ways:

  1. Online shopping.

Online Shopping has been becoming increasingly popular for many years due to so many reasons, especially high demand following by the pandemic Covid19 situation.

How Amazon can help you

Amazon is an amazing platform as you can find tons of different items and compare prices to get the best deals. It offers over 100 million products. You can purchase so many things on a single click. Customer rating and review system is also helpful to choose the best product. The website also provides a ranking of  products so that you can easily compare among different products.You can also add items in Amazon Whishlist to keep an eye on your must-have items.

Some online research companies also provide Amazon gift Card. You can get Amazon vouchers by filling out online surveys and avail discount on online shopping.

Drt Solutions, one of the authentic research company, having members worldwide, offers incentives such as cash through PayPal, Amazon Gift Cards, GCodes and much more, in exchange for your time in answering a few questions. You can work whenever you would like. Simply Sign up at, fill out the registration form and become a member. You will get a chance to earn online or will be rewarded with an Amazon Gift Card by simply filling out the survey. You will receive instant access and can be working by tomorrow. You will have access to sit home, give your opinion and earn online!

  • Selling

Amazon allows third parties to sell their products by using their website and earn online. If you are interested in selling a few items, Amazon can help you to do it. You can sell anything from baby items to electronics. You can create your own brands and sell products on Amazon. Bases upon how many items you sold, Amazon deposits the amount in your bank account.

How Amazon can help you

Recently, Amazon has joined hands with the company, Enterprise Nation, to launch a small business accelerator to help up to 200,000 startups and small businesses more effectively after the effects of Covid 19.

Amazon also provides the service of Affiliate Marketing.  It allows website owners and bloggers to get a link from Amazon. They put a link on the internet and if any customer click on the link and buy the product from Amazon, they earn commission.

How Amazon can help you
  • Technology Products

Amazon is not just an online marketplace, but also a manufacturer of cutting edge digital devices and services. It is a technological giant like Apple and Google.

Few of the Amazons’ most well known products are as follows.

  • Kindle: It is a specialized e-reader that can use to read books, articles and magazines.
  • Amazon Dash Button: It helps you to order your favorite products with a single click.
  • Fire Tablet: The another amazing product that launched by Amazon is Fire Tablet. It is designed for entertainment purpose, like for playing games and watching movies. It can also be used for browsing, emailing and for creating and sharing Microsoft documents.
  • Fire TV: It is also the greatest invention of Amazon. It is a box that turned into a television. It is used to watch movies and TV shows, using services like Netflix, HBO and YouTube. It is also used to listen music and play games.

Similarly, Amazon has a technological subsidiary named as “Amazon Web Service(AWS). It is a cloud computing company that host websites and applications for customers in USA and the worldwide. AWS rents out services according to your need. Famous companies like Pinterest, Netflix, NASA (US Government Organisation) and CIA also use AWS for computer infrastructure.

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