Columbus Day

Columbus Day

All DISCOVERIES & INVENTIONS reveal one MYSTERY – Almost all those who BRAVE THE UNKNOWN some MYSTERY is revealed unto them; Christopher Columbus being one such person.

Christopher Columbus (October  1451 –May 1506) was an Italian seafarer. He formulated a plan to seek a western sea passage to the East Indies, hoping to profit from the lucrative spice trade. Eastern Land route was predominantly occupied by Muslims / Ottoman Empire). Following Columbus’s persistent lobbying to multiple kingdoms, Catholic Monarchs Queen Isabella I and King Ferdinand II agreed to sponsor a journey to the western seas (Atlantic Ocean).

In ONE of his voyages,  Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas on 12 October 1942, establishing a colony, in what is now known as Haiti: the first European settlement in the Americas,  since the Norse Colonies nearly 500 years earlier.  Though Columbus discovered two hitherto TWO unknown continents, he never clearly renounced his belief that he had reached the Far East [Human AILMENT of not recognizing / accepting / admitting NEW FACTS].

Columbus Day expeditions inaugurated a period of exploration, conquest, exploitation and colonization that lasted for centuries, helping create the modern Western world. The transfers between the Old World and New World that followed his first voyage are known as the Columbian exchange.

Scholars give greater attention to the harm committed under his governance, particularly the near-extermination of Hispaniola’s indigenous Taíno population from mistreatment, exploitation and European diseases, as well as their enslavement.

LESSONS FROM HISTORY:  Human endeavors to challenge the existing beliefs result in broadening the frontiers of existing knowledge and in new discoveries, whose importance and impact, may not be understood at the time of the discovery, even to the Discoverer. This is true for every sphere of human knowledge, be it pure or applied sciences, social sciences, economics or marketing.

The Marketing Research industry heavily relies upon this principle. The Columbuses in the Marketing and, Marketing Research fields, keep on testing the existing set of beliefs / paradigms and formulate new theories and discover new relationships between various phenomena. This is generally done through collection of data about the experiences, images, and ideas of existing customers and lapsed or potential customers/ non-customers.

This information was initially collected in Face to Face, paper and pen interviews, by Enumerators / Interviewers. This method of data gathering was replaced with Telephone Interviewing.  And now with the advent of Internet and Computers, Online data gathering is becoming the Order of the day.  It is cheap, fast and far more accurate.

World-over many Research Companies (like The Dynamics – Research Consultants etc.) are setting up Panels of Computer Literate individuals with Internet access (thru Desk-Top, Lap-Top, Smart Phones, Tablets, etc.) willing to share their opinions and experiences, at their convenience. These Panelists are suitably rewarded for their time and effort.

The Online Research Panels, whose membership is usually FREE of charge, are becoming a popular source of earning Survey Money. It is becoming one of the most popular Works from Home Jobs. DRTSolutionZ.Com has set-up such Panels in more than 20 countries across the globe Join the Online Research Panel & Lets’ be a COLUMBUS of NEW REALITIES.

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