The 2020 United States elections

Election Day in the United States of America is the Tuesday following the first Monday in November. It can fall on or between November 2 and November 8. It is the day when popular ballots are held to select public officials. These include national, state and local government representatives at all levels up to the president.

Election Day is a public holiday in SOME areas, where it is a day off and schools and most businesses are closed. In other areas, Election Day is a normal working day.

The Elections will be held for:

  1. The PRESIDENT / Vice President [The election of the president and the vice president of the United States is an indirect election. Members of the Electoral College cast direct votes, known as electoral votes.   538 electoral votes will elect the President / Vice President. Each presidential elector is chosen by the One’s respective state. Since 1836, all states have selected electors by statewide popular vote.].
  2. 435 seats in the United States House of Representatives,
  3.  35 of the 100 seats in the United States Senate [The winners of each race, for both houses, will serve a two-year term], 
  4. Regularly scheduled elections will be held in 86 of the 99 state legislative chambers in the United States; nationwide, regularly scheduled elections will be held for 5,876 of the 7,383 legislative seats.. 
  5. Thirteen state and territorial governorships, (eleven states will hold gubernatorial elections).,
  6.  82 state supreme court seats are up for election in 35 states.
  7. Various other state courts will also hold elections in 2020.
  8. Various state executive positions are also up for election in 2020. Various other state executive and judicial elections will also occur.

United States ELECTIONS is a method to legitimize the AUTHORITY to govern at different levels/forums, which should result in a CONSULTATIVE Form of Government.

Very surprisingly, the elections of President / VP in USA are not through MASS / POPULAR Votes. It is an INDIRECT Election, where masses, in each STATE, elect ELECTORS, through popular votes. These ELECTORS in turn elect the President / V P. The MASSES May hate a person, even then there are chances of HIM / HER getting elected. So, the OPINION does not count.

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