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Japan is well-known through-out the world for its technological advancements and has brought a new development in the field of CGI modeling, essentially making it impossible to trust anyone on the internet. . 

This significant breakthrough in the CGI model has been dubbed the name “Imma”, in Japanese meaning “Now”. Imma is the perfect example of “When the girl seems to perfect on Instagram to be real”, created by a gifted Graphic Artist at CG modeling café and female engineers who are responsible for the hyper-realistic face of Imma. 

And with massive popularity, Imma’s has received her fair share of brand deals, ensuring her creators are getting paid for their time and effort. Trying on branded clothes, posing in front of a car, sight-seeing in the street of Tokyo, or out at a restaurant at night, no one would think twice that she is an Ai model which is created with an extraordinarily natural and believable presence, as a scheme to earn money online

Social media is also helped with Imma’s popularity, as she has become a new trend in herself. Hyper-realism characters have started becoming the new norm on social media, such as Lilmiquela and Bermuda to name a few. We can only expect more to start occupying our feed shortly, and their computer-made images will look even more life-like.

Her fame also allowed her recently to be featured in an issue of CG World Magazine. And later this year, the retail giant Ikea Harajuku location in Tokyo partnered with Imma, a virtual influencer to explore the concept of “Happiness at home”. Over three days, visitors could peek into Imma’s living room, as she mindlessly browsed her phone lounged on a couch, while a separate screen streamed her bedroom. All this viewable from Harajuku Station.

Such technological advancement, which is sure to take mankind further beyond, may also have a fair share of problems. Due to the rise of social media, where human influencers encourage body positivity, with non-edited photos, this virtual movement is the complete opposite of that.

Other than that, many people have voiced their opinion, stating that this adds to the age-old problem of objectifying women. As brand partnerships with a virtual influencer like Imma involve brands “Buying” them for the duration of the deal, with conditions. Many of the virtual influencers, like Imma, interact with their followers through social media, which is open to crowds of billions of less-informed people about who and what Imma might be. They incline to start expecting themselves to look like them to be considered beautiful. 

It might be hard to believe, but technology advance much faster than a human can adapt and the law evolves even slower. Serious implication rises about what it means to be a human, with rights and liberties, and with legal recognition of robots and virtual creators as people with financial and property rights.

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IKEA Harajuku with imma
PROJECT NAME IKEA Harajuku with imma
LAUNCH DATE August 28, 2020

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