KFC Gaming Console and the new “Chicken Chamber” feature

Yesterday night, KFC Gaming Twitter handle, twitted “The console war are over” with a trailer to their sudden and upcoming Gaming console with the caption “Introducing the KFConsole” #PowerYourHunger. KFC, a well-known name in the fast-food industry, is partnering with a Cooler master in creating their own Gaming Console, a proper Console with complete features and a bit of power behind it.

@kfcgaming official Twitter announced their KFConsole, with VR support, up to 240 FPS to 240Hz output and is 4K compatible, with some serious hardware inside. A custom Cooler Master NC100 Chassis designed by famed designer Timeplay, along with two Seagate Barracuda 1TB SSD built inside, and not to mention its core feature, a small built-in Chicken Chamber to put in fired chicken in for keeping it hot and tender.

Now you may ask “Why?”, and the answer is why not. KFC has been part of the gaming community since Twitter handle @kfcgaming was launched in September 2018. Just after the PlayStation 5 Release event, @kfcgaming released a video featuring their KFConsole, advertised with a “Chicken Chamber” back in January, which many thought of as a joke. 11 months later they release more information, along with a cinematic trailer feature their new console.

And this is not the first time KFC has stepped into a gaming-related project. Last year, on September 24, KFC released one of the most bizarre video game, simply titled “I Love You, Colonel Sanders! A Finger-Lickin’ Good Dating Simulator”.

kfc console

So far @kfcgaming has not released any more necessary information about their new Gaming Console, such as price, release date, and the pre-order process is not available yet. There is also no information on the type of controller used for this console, or “Health and Safety rules” with this 2-in-1 device.

kfc gaming console

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