Steph Curry’s career highlight, Warriors win against Blazer

On the previous Sunday, San Francisco Warriors pulled out a win against Portland Blazers, with a significant highlight in Steph Curry’s career with a new high score of 62 points. Crowds cheered in the chase center; Warrior celebrated their 137-122 win against Portland Blazer, putting themself against Sacramento’s Sacramento Kings.

Blazers started quickly with Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum leading the charge with 32 and 28 respectively, Emes Kanter following behind with a double-double in 24 minutes, scoring 24 points with 12 rebounds, eight of them from the offense. Blazer kept up the turnovers and capitalizing on opportunities presented to them with an early lead of 9-2. but the Warriors out of their mind for previous losses shook this all off and slammed together with an 11-0 run over the force of their turnovers. Warriors attacked the rim restlessly, with their star player, Steph Curry effortlessly scoring with layup after layup. The aggressiveness paid off for the Warriors, as Golden State went into the second quarter leading 36-33.

The second quarter came with defensive issues for the Blazers, as it started with back and forth, with McCollum scoring a tough opening with nine points in the second. But none the less, the Warriors kept the persistent play on, while Steph Curry’s fluid footwork made way and Draymond Green’s ability to direct the flow for Warriors offensive win, taking lead again and taking 66-54 lead in the third quarter.

From the start of the third quarter and tell the fourth quarter, thing when downhill for the Blazer, as it became certain that The Warriors will be taking the Win. Lillard of Blazer tried his utmost to find a shot to take and going after the bigger players like James Wiseman, but the defensive play continued against them with fouls worsening not helping the issue. Derrick Jones had five while McCollum, Lillard, and Robert Covington carrying three or more. Steph Curry kept his destructive play, taking the lead of 97-83 into the fourth and final quarter.

Only one came through for the Portland Blazer, Enes Kanter, making progress against The Warriors. Kanter’s rebounding on the offensive and inside scoring playing a huge role in keeping the game with-in arms reach. After a back-to-back struggle between two teams, with Lillard’s last-ditch effort to win this game, but unfortunately it didn’t matter to Steph Curry’s aggressive play coming through with 62- points. A least Portland Blazer lost to Golden State Warriors 137-122.

Two weeks into this season and the Balzer sit with a .500 record. They had a good run and some bad losses, with a blowout loss against an inferior opponent with The Warrior putting up a polarization right on display. Any would-be able put this all together as Steph Curry’s aggressive play which cost the Portland Blazers a loss of 122.

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