Top 10 best paid online survey sites to earn money online

Companies and popular brands are always looking towards the opinion of their buyers. To help in improving and developing their products. To make the market research easier for this purpose. Companies and brands take the help of online survey websites like DRT SolutionZ, ISAY, or TOLUNA. Online survey website acts as a third-party between companies looking for information and online survey taker. In turn, the survey taker gets a chance to make money online and to earn rewards like Super Gift Cards, or Amazon Gift Card. Everything will be explained in details, keep reading.

What are paid surveys?

A paid survey is assured way which consist of several questions. And as the name suggests, after completing them you will get paid accordingly. The purpose of these online surveys is to collect opinions and reviews from the customers and feed them directly to the major brands and companies.

Once received by the major brands and companies. Your opinions and reviews will be used for developing and launching new products. Running an advertising campaign or to know the reactions of the consumer. At least, by completing the online survey, you will be able to earn cash. And furthermore you will be able to get your hand on rewards. Such as Super gift cards and vouchers. Though there should be fair warning, that you will not be able to become rich, just will be able to make ends meet.

Things you should know before you start

There are many, hundreds of legit online survey sites on the internet, but there are also those which simply scams. Here are some quick pointers before you get started. Firstly, all online survey site has 100% free registration. If under any circumstance you are asked to pay, it is going to be a scam. Secondly, free registration also means that there will be no need for you to give your credit card number. Lastly, any site which offers a large sum of earnings for a single online survey. Don’t be greedy, as not the site pays upfront, nor pay enough for you to quit your real job.

How much will you earn?

How much you earn depends on how long the online survey you are taking is. As mentioned above, you will not earn enough to quit your real job. Just seeing it as a side hustle is advised. Generally, you can earn between 0.36 USD to 10 USD for each online survey you do, which will sum to 100 USD a month. Sometimes you will be able to earn more with sponsorships.

The best paid survey sites

DRT SolutionZ
                                      is a technology-driven company, part of ‘The Dynamics – Research Consultants and the community of 200,000 + people spread across the globe, reaching more than 20 countries. Once you have registered with DRT SolutionZ, it will start sending you paid surveys appropriate for you. Related to products, brands, and services of the highest-ranked companies. It is simple, you take a survey, you earn online money. Besides earning money for sharing your opinion, you will also receive Super gift cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Uber & Careem Credits, and much more.

To register: click here


                            My-Survey now LifePoints has also been around for a good ten years. My surveys let you earn points that you can convert into gift vouchers and cash. You will be paid as soon as you have exceeded the payment threshold set at 12.16 USD. If you want money, you will have Paypal payment. Note that 95% of users are satisfied with My-Survey even if the sending frequency is random.

To register: My-Survey registration .


            I-Say has been on the web for about ten years and offers another remuneration system. When you respond to paid surveys you have points that you will redeem for these gift vouchers. Note that you have to cross the threshold of 12.16 USD to request your vouchers. I-Say sets up an interesting sponsorship system since each of your godchildren will earn you 1.22 USD when they have completed their 1st questionnaire.

To register: I-Say registration .


               This site is more complete because you can earn money by answering surveys but also by reading emails, visiting partner sites, buying on the net, and sponsoring. This GPT (Get Paid To) is very appreciated since the sponsorship is rewarded up to 1.22 USD per godson. When your pot exceeds 24.21 USD you can be paid by bank transfer, PayPal, or gift vouchers. Please note that it is only possible to register from France, Switzerland, and Belgium.

To register: Gaddin registration .


                                      Market Agent is one of the sites on this list that I prefer because it is easy to use and also because the payment threshold is only 2.44 USD. Note that the winnings are paid in 24 hours. You can thus have regular payments. Also, when you register, you will automatically have 1.82 USD credited to your account without doing anything. You can do additional sponsorship if you wish. Each referral that you have recruited will earn you 1.22 USD more.

To register: Market Agent registration .

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