Earning Money Online on Halloween

History and Origin 

Halloween is a fantastic holiday celebrated annually on October 31. It happens in many counties all around the world, including activities like. Trick-or-treating, attending Halloween Costume parties, carving Jock-o-lanterns, making bonfires, apple bobbing, divination games, playing pranks, visiting a haunted attraction, telling scary stories. As well as watching horror movies and Halloween specials. 

As per it has also religious significance to it as well. Also known as All Hallows’ eve, or All Saints’ eve, is a day dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs, and the faithful departed. Religious activities will also include attending church services and lighting candles on the grave of the dead. Elsewhere, historically some Christians abstained from eating meat on this day.  


As symbols and artefacts play an important role in every custom, and Halloween is no exception. Guisers took Jack-o’-lantern on Hallow ‘eve to ward off spirits. Also, there is a popular Irish Christan Folk tale that tells about the souls which are denied entrance to Hell and Haven, cursed to wander the earth. 

Tracing steps back to Irish and Scottish tradition, Jack-o’-lantern were made out of turnips. After immigrants arrived in America, they made use of the readily available native pumpkin. Which is both softer and much larger, making it much easier to carve. Furthermore, curving pumpkin was done at the time of harvest and not becoming a staple for Halloween until the mid-19-century.  

Modern Halloween imagery has many commercial influences. Work of fictional gothic and horror literature; like Frankenstein and Dracula. And classic monster movies like; the Mummy and the Wolf Man. Another imagery that has its roots deep in Halloween is the depiction of a skull, serving as a reminder of the pending death. 

Trick-or-treating and Halloween Costumes 

Trick-or-treating is a custom of dressing up costumes and going house to house, asking for treats such as candy or money. The question Trick-or-treat? refers trick or act mischief. It is done to the owner or his property if not treat is given. This practice is also similar to Mumming from medieval times. Where people would wear masks and go to other people’s houses to dance or to play dice in silence. 

Dressing up as your favourite monster is a necessary staple in Halloween culture. And later on, dressing up as a favourite character from fiction or movies also has become the norm. Before the mid 19 century, the term guising is to describe dressing up in costume in Ireland and Scotland.  

Earn money online on Halloween 

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