Everything about Summer Solstice [Longest day of the year 2021]

The Summer Solstice, also known as June Solstice. Can easily be forgotten, or you may not even know about it. It’s known as the longest day of any given year and is observed during mid-summer.

It occurs sometimes between 20 June to 22 June. Due to Earth’s poles has fully tilted towards the sun and this is true for each hemisphere. During the Summer Solstice, the sun reaches the highest point Which causes the longest day of the summer to begin. 

Because of the Summer Solstice and positioning of the Earth towards the sun. One of the most interesting natural phenomena takes place at the north pole. Where there will 24 hours of sunlight, meanwhile the south pole will receive 24 hours of nighttime.

There are other places where such natural phenomena will take places, such as Alaska with 24 hours of sunlight, New you’re with 15 hours and six minutes, and Los Angeles with 14 hours and 26 minutes. 

Culture and traditional significance: 

Since the long day’s past, the Summer Solstice has been part of many customs and traditions over many previous civilizations.  

Such as Mayans and Aztecs kept Summer and Winter Solstice in their mind while building their cities and important buildings. In modern times, many of the Mayans ‘ historic observatories and rigorous temples were found to be in a position to cast a shadow on the south and west, to seem like it is split in two. More unbelievable is that the shadow cast looks like a snake descending on the steps of the pyramid. 

Ancient Greek and Ancient Romans also had their own important event leading up to the June Solstice. Greeks marked the new year with the coming of Summer Solstice and a one-month countdown to the start of the Olympic games. They also celebrated the Korina Festival, in remembrance of Coronus (The Greek god of time).  

In which very strict social hierarchy was turn upside down, with slaves participating on equal ground with their masters. While the Ancient Romans celebrated the Vestalia festival. In the honor of the goddess of the hearth, while June Solstice. Where married women could enter their religious temples and leave offerings to the goddess of hearth in turn for blessing for their families. 

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